Our Boot Fitting Process

Our Boot Fitting Process

At Banff Soul Ski + Bike, we believe that the right boot for you is the boot that fits best. A well fitting boot can enhance your skiing experience, just as an ill fitting boot can put a damper on an entire season. So how do we ensure that you end up with the best possible boot fit? Years of experience, and lots of measuring. We believe in taking the time to measure and analyze the shape of your feet, discuss your skiing experience, style of skiing, and further preferences before we even think of pulling a boot off the shelf. Colour, brand, and features all come second to the best possible fit.

While taking you through our tried and trusted process, we'll be sure to explain our thought process to help you make an educated decision. A boot that may seem comfortable at first could pack out within a handful of trips to the ski hill, resulting in a poor fit. The result? A packed out boot that will give you less control, and a sloppier experience on ski. Through finding you the correct boot sole length, shell volume, and focusing on a solid heel hold, we aim to send you out with a firm fitting boot, that will break in to perfection - usually with the helpful assistance of a heat mold. 

The process begins with an in-depth chat of what you're looking for, and a background on your skiing experience. Once we measure and analyze your foot shape, we'll pull a few boots that we know will work the best for your foot. Prior to getting your foot into the boot, we start every boot off with a "shell test". This quick test will let us know how the boot shell fits, and will give us an idea how much room will exist in the shell once your liner packs out. It also helps us reassure you that it will be a proper fit once worn in - we know that sometimes a proper fitting boot can feel constrictive and stressful at first if you're not sure what to expect. We also pay close attention to the volume of your foot to make sure you’re getting a firm fit throughout the in-step, ankle, calf, and heel. Once we find the best possible “shelf-fit”, we can make custom adjustments to the boot to get it dialed in for your foot and stance. Our team guarantees the fit of each boot we sell (as long as you have an "after-market" foot bed in place, and we include any future boot work within the price of the boot.

Ski boots are the most important part of you ski gear, and we want to make sure you're getting the best possible fit to allow you to ski hard all season long (and likely for quite a few seasons into the future). Although we have a small selection of boots available online, that doesn’t ring true at our physical location. We purposely keep a low level of selection online because we want to help you find the best fitting boot, and unfortunately, we aren’t able to do that as well over the internet. If we don't have a boot in stock that will work well for you, we'll happily recommend another shop in town that could assist you. 

So stop by, take a seat, and let one of our seasoned boot fitting pro’s take a look at your feet. A proper fitting can take around an hour, so make sure you have enough time, a pair of your own ski socks, and pants you can roll up out of the way. We look forward to fitting you this winter!