Pre-Ski Season Prep

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Pre-Ski Season Prep

As the sun starts to sink out of sight earlier in the evening, the air turns crisp and cold, and the snow line creeps further and further down the mountainsides, it’s no secret that winter is just around the corner.

Anticipation has been building since the haze of summer smoke appeared in the valley, and for some, since the call of “last chair” in May. While it’s easy to froth over the latest films being premiered at iF3 or Banff Film Fest, or to pour over the latest gear drops and tech updates, don’t forget a few key steps in your pre-season seance.

Assess Your Gear:

It’s easy to forget a missing boot buckle, or a core shot from a last minute tour in May when there’s peaks to hike, rocks to climb, or roads to bike. Take a minute to pull out all your gear, and figure out what’s good to go, and what needs to be replaced. 

The start of the season is also the best time to get into a new pair of boots. Shops will be brimming with new stock, and boot fitters will be keen to help you get into the best fit. We all know that the best ski kit starts with a great fitting pair of boots.

Tune Your Skis:

Don’t let your first turns of the season be lackluster due to a dull edge or a dry ski base! More often than not, the first runs open at the start of the ski season are groomers. While being the perfect way to get back into your groove, work your angles (and ankles), and brush off the cobwebs, it’s not as forgiving to a poorly tuned ski as say, that perfect mid-January pow day. Drop your ski’s off at Mike Lindsay Ski Service, located in our basement, for the best tune in the Bow Valley. 

Get Your Pass:

Mid-week, full-week, plus cards, Ikon, Mountain Collective, Ski Big 3.. There’s more options than ever! Don’t forget to nail down your pass to your favourite resort. Choose to get your pass mailed to your front door or pick it up ahead of time so you can head straight to the chairlift on opening day.

Check Your Safety Equipment:

If you’re planning on making any visits to the slack-country or backcountry this winter, make sure you’ve got fresh batteries in your transceiver, do a quick shake out of the ol’ probe, and make sure you’ve still got both parts of your shovel. 

A great way to assess if you’ve got everything on hand for those days walking uphill is to check out this list compiled by Cy Whitling for Newschoolers, incredibly thorough - don’t forget your snacks!

Get Moving:

With only a few weeks left until season openers crack the hills wide (or partially) open, don’t forget to prep your legs. Sally B is back open in Banff, check out a class at Bow Valley Crossfit, stop by the newest yoga studio in Banff, or just crush out some squats in front of your TV - the options are endless!

Get The Tunes Firing:

One of the most talked about things at our shop (besides skiing), is what we’re currently listening to, and some of us have been crafting our season playlists since August. There’s no better way to get amped for the season than by curating your own selection of tunes to shred to. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered: check out a few of our playlists on Spotify. Stay tuned for fresh tracks throughout the season.

Chat with your local Expert Ski Bums:

If you’re in need of new gear, and not sure exactly what you need, pop down to your local ski shop and get all the details on the new gear, what will work best for you, and what will allow you to reach your goals this season. Or just listen to us froth over our favourite ski (we’d be more than happy to).