Sportful Monocrom Jersey - Pink

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Never the same twice: simple, unique, colourful. 

Modern and elegant cut, simple and unique style. A perfect jersey for your cycling experiences when you want to express your own personality.

A garment-dyed jersey with a modern cut. Every element of the jersey, immersed in a dye bath, absorbs the colour in a different way: every garment is unique. Your jersey will never be the same as your riding partner's.

Less is more. When Sportful first created the Monocrom, they wanted a simple garment. One color, no graphics, to give you the opportunity to wear it with a spare and elegant style. As a result, they started to experiment with garment dyeing. It’s a technique used in fashion, but until now no one had applied it to technical clothing. Basically, in the reverse of the classic process, they first construct the jersey and put on gripper elastic, zippers, and everything you need. Then the jersey is immersed in a dye bath. The effect? A one-of-a-kind jersey: every component absorbs the dye differently, and each garment is different from the next you never get exactly the same effect.

In terms of the cut, it’s a very modern jersey. Raw-cut elastic and sleeve edges, a new more minimal elastic on the front, and a very modern fit without being too race-oriented and tight. A perfect jersey for your cycling and non-cycling experiences — when style counts at least as much as performance.